License To Kill

Ian Fleming's James Bond In License To Kill

License To Kill 9781557731920
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Book ID 10039
Author John E. Gardner
Year Published 1989
Publisher Charter Books
Format Paperback
Class Fiction
Category Crime
Sub Category Spy
ISBN 9781557731920
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James Bonds old friend Felix Leiter and his bride are gunned down by a drug lord at their wedding, and Bond swears revenge — no matter what the Secret Service and his enemies do to stop him

What begins as a joyous wedding for Bonds old CIA chum, Felix Leiter, turns into a hellish nightmare — when an evil billionaire drug lord flies into town and his henchmen brutally assassinate Leiter and his bride. Now, Bond is out for blood, and he is prepared to do anything — even give up his license to kill--to avenge the death of his friends.