The Main

The Main 9780515074024
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Book ID 10070
Author Trevanian
Year Published 1983
Publisher Jove
Format Paperback
Class Fiction
Category Crime
Sub Category Action
ISBN 9780515074024
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The Main is Montreal’s teeming underworld, where the dark streets echo with cries in a dozen languages, with the quick footsteps of thieves and the whispers of prostitutes. It is a world where violence and brutality are a way of life. To the people of the Main, police lieutenant Claude LaPointe is judge and jury, father confessor and avenging angel. Montreal’s police force has changed over time, but LaPointe has not. His commitment to justice is total, as is his devotion to the Main and its underworld community. But when a cold-blooded murderer invades LaPointe’s territory, he is forced to examine his long-held beliefs and secrets and to confront his own loneliness and mortality. With a cast of unforgettable supporting characters and an unusual and remarkable hero, The Main is another gripping tale of death and danger, of action and mystery.

Rodney William Whitaker was an American film scholar and writer who wrote several successful novels under the pen name Trevanian.