The 60 Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time

The 60 Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time 9780760708828
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Book ID 10513
Author Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen
Year Published 1998
Publisher Barnes & Noble Books
Format Hardcover
Class Non Fiction
Category History
Sub Category Conspiracies
ISBN 9780760708828
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This book does not present the safe, sanitized, college textbook-approved version of history. Unlike Dragnet's Jack Webb, who always asked for "Just the facts, ma'am," the authors of this subversive little volume ask us to open our minds, to expand our definition of the truth to include what might be, and to embrace the intriguing possibility that there is much fact in what the establishment has dismissed as theory. In some instances, they have succeeded in untying the strings on some of history's most neatly wrapped packages, turning the truth on its pointy little head. Representing dissenting world views that range from the eerily plausible to the downright hilarious, 60 sourced essays provide alternative glimpses into such wide-ranging subjects as Vince Foster's suicide, the identity of Jack the Ripper, NASA's conspiracy to fake the moon landing, and film footage of an alien autopsy. Provocative, wryly observed, and relentlessly entertaining.