199 Days: The Battle For Stalingrad

199 Days: The Battle For Stalingrad 9780812536003
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Book ID 11353
Author Edwin Palmer Hoyt
Year Published 1994
Publisher Tor Books (M/M)
Format Mass Market Paperback
Class Non Fiction
Category History
Sub Category World War II
ISBN 9780812536003
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Chronicles the bloody history of the battle that became a turning point in World War II and cost three million lives, using archives and eyewitness testimony to capture the excitement and the horror. Good Reads: The story of the siege by the acclaimed author of Hitler's War In 199 Days, acclaimed historian Edwin P. Hoyt depicts the epic battle for Stalingrad in all its electrifying excitement and savage horror. More than the bloodiest skirmish in history-a momentous conflict costing three million lives-the siege was a hinge upon which the course of history rested. Had the Red Army fallen, the Nazi juggernaut would have rolled over Russia. Had the German's not held out during those last few months, Stalin would have painted Europe red. Now, over 50 years after the most extraordinary battle of the second millennium, the truth about this decisive moment is finally revealed.