Change Your Life

Change Your Life 9780425178195
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Book ID 11918
Author Becky Tirabassi
Year Published 2001
Publisher Berkley Trade
Format Paperback
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ISBN 9780425178195
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She's inspired fans with TV appearances, daily radio spots, and 750,000 copies of her motivational books.Now she's going to Change Your Life. Becky Tirabassi's unique blend of spirituality and self-help has inspired hundreds of thousands of people--through television, radio, and her self-published books. Now, she shows us all how to lead more fulfilling, satisfying, and spiritual lives... Whether you want to control a weight problem or addiction, form healthier relationships, or make your dreams come true, Becky Tirabassi's simple four-step plan offers positive actions that are not only practical, but deeply rewarding. With her warm advice and reassuring guidance, all you need is the Change Your Life.