Dream Big! A Roadmap For Facing Life's Challenges And Creating The Life You Deserve

Dream Big! A Roadmap For Facing Life's Challenges And Creating The Life You Deserve 9780684867991
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Book ID 11983
Author Deborah Rosado Shaw
Year Published 2001
Publisher Free Press
Format Hardcover
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ISBN 9780684867991
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From a difficult and often daunting childhood to the head of a multimillion-dollar business, Deborah Rosado Shaw is living proof that no matter how humble your beginnings or difficult your circumstances, you can defy the odds and build the life you deserve.In order to do so, you must Dream BIG!, and Deborah's book shows you how. Born to an impoverished Puerto Rican family, living in the poorest congressional district in the country -- New York's South Bronx -- Deborah never allowed the hand she was dealt to dictate the outcome of the game. Instead, she rolled up her sleeves, got to work, and became CEO of her own enterprise. A gripping testimonial to the stamina of the human spirit, Dream BIG! tells you how to: stop fighting fear get focused claim your power create something from nothing play beyond the rules and win and why: quitting is necessary desperation is deadly fighting is essential gossip is good suffering is optional Deborah Rosado Shaw has been the recipient of the 'Women of Enterprise Award' in 1996, the 'Free Enterprise Legend Award' in 1997, was voted one of the '50 Most Influential Latinas' in 1998, and is a proud mother of three. Her success did not occur without a struggle. Using her own personal stories as well as intimate anecdotes from other women whose energy and courage are contagious, Deborah paints an invigorating and illuminating portrait of how to make life happen for you, instead of just letting it happen to you.