Great Gunfighters Of The West

Great Gunfighters Of The West 9780451074348
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Book ID 12056
Author Carl W. Breihan
Year Published 1977
Publisher Signet
Format Paperback
Class Non Fiction
Category Crime
Sub Category American West
ISBN 9780451074348
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The gunfighter was a product of his time and enviroment.  He came from all parts of the United States: Hickok and Bat Masterson from Illinois;  Allison from Tennesee; Longley from Texas; others from farther West.  Today many of them stand tall and invincible in the eyes of Western readers.  But what spelled the difference between the fast gunslinger and his opponet?  Was he a legendary name because of his courage, speed , and accuracy, or was it becaue of the considerable degree of trickery and psychology in the gunfighting?

We will probably never know who was the "best" gunfighter.  But this definitive book explores in highly colorful detail all of the glorious legends and the true facts behind them.

1977 Edition, Revised and Expanded