Best Of The West

Best Of The West 9780785324287
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Book ID 12333
Author Bill O'Neal
Year Published 1997
Publisher Publications International
Format Hardcover
Class Non Fiction
Category History
Sub Category American History West
ISBN 9780785324287
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A book of highlights about Americas last frontier. Who were the Wild Wests best gunfighters? Which town had the strangest names? What were ten cheatin tools a gambler might bring to the card table? These answers and more can be found in these pages, which include entries in the following categories: gunfighters and shoot-outs; outlaws and lawmen; leaders and adventurers; famous forts and wildest towns; and image makers such as Buffalo Bill Cody, Mark Twain, and artists Charles Russell and Frederic Remington. Youll find historical photos, colorful stories, and amusing lists of the best nicknames, quotes, cowboy cures, cattle brands, epitaphs, and much more. Illus.