The Day Jesse James Was Killed

The Day Jesse James Was Killed
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Book ID 12408
Author Carl W. Breihan
Year Published 1979
Publisher Signet
Format Paperback
Class Non Fiction
Category History
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On April 3, 1882, a bullet fired by Bob Ford from a Smith & Wesson .44 revolver ended the life of Jesse James, nortorious bad-man. Since then, the James story has grown into full-blown American legend.

Here is a dramatic, day-by-day account of the gunman's lawless adventures-which to some held the bravura of a Robin Hood and to others were wanton banditry-right up to the blood-curdling moment when Jesse is shot down dead in his own parlor.

Now, for the first time, new material-drawn from authentic letters, old newspapers, and personal rememberences of the James family, neighbors and friends-casts fascinating light on the motives and deeds of the entire James gang.