Classic Gunfights

Classic Gunfights 9781887576086
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Book ID 12472
Author Bob Boze Bell
Year Published 2003
Publisher Tri Star-Boze
Format Paperback
Class Non-Fiction
Category History
Sub Category Gunfights
ISBN 9781887576086
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Discover the facts behind the romance of Old West gunfights. Historian Bob Boze Bell has put together a terrific book on the reality of gunfights in the wild American West. From infamous outlaws such as Billy the Kid, and well-known lawmen such as Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp, to brawling madams, this book covers 24 gunfights that made a mark in western history. Profusely illustrated with historic photographs, maps, and period illustrations you'll have a front row seat for these shootouts.

Written in an engaging style, these histories give a brief bio of the shooters involved, usually a map or diagram of the location of the gunfight, and the aftermath of the shooting. Fascinating sidebars give added information on various topics. A must read for those interested in the true history of the Old West.