The Blind Run

Charlie Muffin and the Russian Rose

The Blind Run 0553265032
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Book ID 12678
Author Brian Freemantle
Year Published 1987
Publisher Bantam
Format Paperback
Class Fiction
Category Crime
Sub Category Espionage
ISBN 0553265032
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Enter the world of fiery British Secret Service agent Charlie Muffin, as he undertakes -- unwillingly -- a mission that could destroy him.

Muffins arrogant disrespect for authority earned him a prison sentence for treason. But soon he is offered a chance to escape by a captive KGB mole named Sampson. With his daring Kremlin-backed jail break, Charlie gets one more chance at redemption by the Service: he must accept a dangerous mission to rescue a nameless British mole in the KGB and bring him or her back to the West. It is a blind, deadly and nearly impossible assignment for an abandoned operative alone behind the Iron Curtain. Especially when, out of nowhere, the ever-cautious Charlie falls in love -- and is suddenly confronted with the most confounding and complex choice of his career and his life.