The Coin of Contraband

The Coin of Contraband
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Book ID 13042
Author Garland Roark
Year Published 1964
Publisher Curtis Books
Format Paperback
Class Fiction
Category Crime
Sub Category Action
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The unbelievable but true Saga of the man who may be the greatest adventurer of them all...

Doomed to die at 19 a lingering illness, Al Scharff lived to experience one of the most astonishing lives of all time.

As a womanizer, he was without peer.  To escape the amorous embraces of a lascivisous lady archaeologist, he fled to Mexico where he became a soldier of  fortune in the Madero-Orozco rebellion.  This led to a varied and headlong career as a smuggler, cattle rustler, mine operator, peddler of counterfiet pesos..

Then, as fate wold have it, the FBI needed a man just like Al Scharff to knock out a nest of German speis located in the Southwest...

From here on, COIN OF CONTRABAND gets wilder and wilder.