I'll Be Seeing You

I'll Be Seeing You 0671888587
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Book ID 13208
Author Mary Higgins Clark
Year Published 1993
Publisher Pocket
Format Paperback
Class Fiction
Category Crime
Sub Category Suspense
ISBN 0671888587
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Covering the story of a stabbing victim, television news reporter Meghan Collins stares down at the sheet-wrapped body of a beautiful young woman in a New York City hospital. What she sees in the dead girls face draws her into a terrifying web of treachery, where nothing is as it seems and the truth may be too devastating to pursue....

In a tragic bridge accident, Meghans father has disappeared -- but no trace has been found of his body or his car. Meghans mother, neither widow nor wife, is unable to convert joint assets she needs to retain ownership of the familys Connecticut inn. Before his disappearance, Edwin Collins had taken all the cash out of his substantial insurance policies. Now, in absentia, he has become the suspect in a brutal murder.

Trying to identify the dead girl, find her murderer, and clear her own fathers name, Meghan finds that her search is entwined with a story she is doing on the Manning Clinic, an in-vitro fertilization center where women seek the children nature has denied them. On a twisting trail of deadly passions and deceit, Meghan is venturing ever closer to the truth...a nightmare journey that may cost her her very life.