This Awsome Challenge

"The President is dead, Mr. President"

This Awsome Challenge
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Book ID 13235
Author Michael Amrine
Year Published 1964
Publisher Popular
Format Paperback
Class Non Fiction
Category Crime
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Dallas, November 22, 1963: Kenneth O’Donnell, aide to President John F. Kennedy, approaches Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, He speaks only six words, but that single sentence announces a turning-point in history: "The President is dead, Mr. President."

THIS AWSOME CHALLENGE  is the behind-the-scenes record of Lyndon Johnsons early hours in command.  It reveals the inner struggles and little-known crises of those first days.

Here, moment-by-moment, is all the pulsing drama of that time of sorrow and destiny.

"The books most valuable its recording of the transition of power from JFK to LBJ...enlightening." --Library Journal