Capital Crimes

A Will Lee Novel

Capital Crimes 0399150900
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Book ID 13724
Author Stuart Woods
Year Published 2003
Publisher Putnam
Format Hardcover
Class Fiction
Category Crime
Sub Category Political
ISBN 0399150900
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When a prominent conservative politician is killed inside his lakeside cabin, authorities have no suspect in sight. And two more deaths--seemingly isolated incidents, achieved by very different means--might be linked to the same murderer. With the help of his CIA director wife, Kate Rule Lee, Will is facing a perilous challenge: catch the most clever and professional of killers before he can strike again. From a quiet D.C. suburb to the corridors of power to a deserted island hideaway in Maine, Will, Kate, and the FBI will track their man and set a trap with extreme caution and care--and await the most dangerous kind of quarry, a killer with a cause to die for... .