A Death of Innocence

A Death of Innocence
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Book ID 13830
Author Zelda Popkin
Year Published 1971
Publisher J.B. Lippincott Company
Format Hardcover
Class Fiction
Category Crime
Sub Category Thriller
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After two o'clock on Thursday afternoon, the District Attorney rose to address the twelve within the wooden pen, and he began: "You are about to hear the evidence in a brutal crime, a crime of homicide, of murder done with premeditation--this we shall prove beyond a reasonable doubt--murder in cold blood, for the most sordid of motives: greed.." Buffie's chin was high, the row of buttons on her dress like a second spine. She had a pencil in her hand, a sheet of paper before her, as though she planned to take notes. Earlier...Hirsch had whispered to Buffie, she had slued around, located her mother, raised one hand in quick salute, mouthing a silent, "Hi...A number of others had smiled at Mrs. Cameron, ogled rather, though whenever her glance met theirs directly, they glossed over their embarrassment with tentative smiles. Mrs. Cameron's picture had been in the morning tabloid, a slim, thin-faced woman with sad eyes...