The Civil War Reminiscences

Of General Basil W. Duke, C.S.A

The Civil War Reminiscences 9780815411741
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Book ID 14175
Author General Basil Duke
Year Published 2001
Publisher Cooper Square Press
Format Paperback
Class Non Fiction
Category History
Sub Category American Civil War
ISBN 9780815411741
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Introduction by James A. Ramage

These war memories are Basil Duke's forceful recollections of his participation in the Civil War.

Kentuckian Basil W. Duke entered the War Between the States when Missouri seceded, and continued to have a long and remarkable career in the Confederate military, leading Morgan's Raiders after the death of Gen. John Hunt Morgan. Very much a southern gentleman, articulate and gregarious, Duke here recounts his many experiences and encounters during the Civil War and Reconstruction, and gives his opinions of prominent men of the Confederacy, such as Jefferson Davis, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Albert Sidney Johnston. He describes life in the military camps in intimate detail, even recording the lyrics of favored songs, and reveals in its anecdotes of military life many of the complex realities of the Civil War.