Nobody Lives Forever

Now A John Garfield Movie Classic

Nobody Lives Forever 9780821722176
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Book ID 9975
Author W.R. Burnett
Year Published 1988
Publisher Zebra Books
Format Paperback
Class Fiction
Category Crime
Sub Category Drama
ISBN 9780821722176
Condition Used
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It was such a sweet scam.  A lonely widow with money to burn.. a handsome con man looking for one last score... it was just too good to be true.

Mrs. Gladys Halvorsen sounded like the perfect mark.  Rich, lonely, vulnerable.  The plan was to steal her heart, then go for the green.  Simple.  Easy.  But Jim Farrar never expected the merry widow to be son young.  Or so pretty.  He didnt know just when the prey became the bait... but soon he found himself lured deeper and deeper into a dangerous deception that could only end in hopeless desire... and ruthless murder!